Far inland was an old baronial hall where an old owner lived who had two sons who thought two young men were half as smart. They wanted to go out and woo the king’s daughter; for the girl in question had publicly announced that she would choose the youth who could best arrange his words for her husband.

So these two geniuses spent a whole week preparing to advertise – that was the longest time they could be granted; but it was enough because they had had a lot of preparatory information and everyone knows how useful it is. One of them knew the entire Latin dictionary by heart and three whole years of the small town’s daily newspaper as a bargain, so well that he could repeat everything backwards or forwards as he wanted. The other was deeply rooted in the laws of society and knew by heart what every society should know; and accordingly he believed he could speak about state affairs and put his speech on the wheel of the council. And he knew one more thing: he could embroider braces with roses and other flowers and with arabesques, because he was a delicious guy with light fingers.

“I will win the princess!” So both cried. So her old dad gave each of them a pretty horse. The youth who knew the dictionary and the newspaper by heart had a black horse, and anyone who knew everything about the laws of society was given a milk-white horse. Then they rubbed the corners of their mouths with fish oil so that they became very smooth and smooth. All the servants stood in the yard below, watching as they mounted their horses; and the third son happened to come up. Because the owner really had three sons, although nobody counted the third with his brothers because he was not as learned as them, and in fact he was commonly known as “Christian Aage Stenderup Larsen the Dullard”.