“It’s terribly hot here!” watched the first brother.

“Yes,” replied the princess, “my father will roast young pullets today.”

“Baa!” there he stood like a baa lamb. He was not prepared for such a speech and had no word to say, although he wanted to say something funny. “Baa!”

“He’s no use!” said the princess. “Away with it!”

And he had to go accordingly. And now the second brother came in.

“It’s terribly warm here!” he observed.

“Yes, we’re roasting pullets today,” replied the princess.

“What – what were you – were you pleased with -” he stammered – and all the employees wrote down, “pleased with -“

“He’s no use!” said the princess. “Away with it!”

Now it was Christian Aage Stenderup Larsen the Dullard’s turn. He rode into the hall with his goat.

“Well, it’s terribly hot here.”

“Yes, because I roast young pullets,” replied the princess.

“Ah, that’s lucky!” exclaimed Christian Aage Stenderup Larsen the Dullard, “because I suppose you let me roast my crow at the same time?”

“With the greatest joy,” said the princess. “But do you have anything to roast it in? because I have neither a pot nor a pan. “

“Sure I have!” said Christian Aage Stenderup Larsen. “Here is a cookware with a tin handle.”

And he took out the old clog and put the crow in it.

“Well, it’s a famous dish!” said the princess. “But what should we do for sauce?”

“Oh, I have that in my pocket,” said Christian Aage Stenderup Larsen; “I have so much of it that I can afford to throw something away.” and he poured some clay out of his pocket.

“I like it!” said the princess. “You can give an answer and you have something to say for yourself, and so you will be my husband. But do you know that every word we speak will be written down and published in the newspaper tomorrow? Look over there and you will see three employees and a main employee in each window; and the old employee is the worst of all because he can’t understand anything. “